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What Others Say

About John...

“John is a world class arranger of guitar music. Years of experience and mature musicianship have proven to be a winning combination.”
- feature story excerpt from Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine by editor Bill Piburn

"You are one of the best fingerpickers in the world and I am happy to have brought you to France for both the Dunkerque and the Issoudun Guitar Festivals!"
- comment from Pierre Danielou, festival coordinator and friend of French guitar great Marcel Dadi

“Guitar virtuoso John Standefer’s precise fingerpicking technique, intricate harmonics and warm performances reveal an intimacy and natural warmth that rarely comes through on bigger budgeted projects.”
- 'Six String Prayers' CD review excerpt from Christian Musician Magazine

"This is a tour de force album by John Standefer. Having assembled an A-list of special guest performers from the Chet Atkins Society, John has made a very credible instrumental CD. Add his Winfield winning tune, Man of Constant Sorrow, and you have it all!"
- 'Ticket Home' CD review excerpt from Mister Guitar Magazine

On Concerts...

"I love John and his music dearly. He is such a good human being. We had great conversations about what life is all about and this brought us very near to each other. I will allways cherish this great weekend. And what a player he is! In the concert here he kept the crowd enthousiastic for hours!! He is so much better than I even thought he was and even better than he himself thinks he is."  
- Stanley Dijkhuis - Raalte, The Netherlands

On Guitar Workshops...

"Great word pictures and breakdown of music principles! An answer to prayer"
- Katherine Ryder - Las Vegas, NV

"It was like drinking from a fire hydrant!"
- Becca Farmer - Avondale, AZ

"John is a really excellent example of a teacher that meets everyone on their own ground. His down to earth sense of humor really takes the stress out of learning. Ideas and concepts I thought I’d never understand were spoken to me clearly for the first time."
- G. Jason Greenwalt - Germantown, MD

Sample Flyers

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